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Short / intermediate term

We can supply furnished flats in the Rhine/Ruhr region for a term from just two months. The tenancy agreements run for a predetermined period of your choice. A deposit will be required. If you would like to extend your stay you can simply renew the deal on a monthly basis subject to one month’s notice.

Long term

Just like in Britain, demand, supply and prices for properties to rent or buy very much depend on location. In Germany it is a lot more common to rent rather than buy, however, buying could be an option. As a rule of thumb the more attractive the job market is in a particular region, i.e. in cities with their (sometimes extensive) commuter belts, the higher the rents and property values. Please note: German rents are based on the area in square meters (qm or m²). We work with established nationwide property agencies to find the ideal home for you.


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