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If you qualify for a German citizenship we can help you with the application. You are entitled to apply for a German citizenship if... or both of your parents are German or have been a legal resident for at least eight years and fulfill the following conditions:

• a livelihood-guarantee of you and your dependants without recourse to social welfare or unemployment benefits (exceptions are made for persons under 23 years of age)
• adequate knowledge of the German language
• an oath on the German constitution
• no past criminal convictions

Spouses and children can often be naturalised even if they have not been living in Germany for eight years. For spouses of German citizens the couple must be married for two years and the spouse resident in Germany for three years before the application can be made. As long as Britian is still member of the EU you can retain your British citizenship.

Please note: These are only the basic requirements. However, the reality of applying for German citizenship is quite complex and time consuming.


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